Established in 1998, Continued Care Nursing Services is a branch from U Care, We Care Home Health Services originated in Laguna Niguel, CA.  Our nurses and caregivers work with clients at home or in the hospital. We collaborate with physicians and families to ensure safe and effective care is being provided.

We provide services at time of discharge from inpatient and outpatient type of settings.  Our staff strongly believes prevention and maintenance is the key to a healthy life and we are now bringing our services to the Coachella Valley and West Los Angeles Areas.

  • R.N. Evaluation (Initial visit) – All inclusive care that includes a nursing assessment,  vital sign and blood sugar checks, nutrition education, developing a plan of care, initiating safety and medication checklist. Our nurses collaborate with families and providers to provide optimal care while giving recommendations, referrals, healthcare options, and setting up any initial health care appointments.

  • R.N. On Call – Planned in-home, hospital and physician visits to assist with coordination of care, wellness checks, wound dressing, or any additional nursing services requested (additional fee for emergency visits).

  • R.N. Visits (Prepaid) – Paid on a monthly basis for a pre-determined number of hours to provide in-home, hospital or physician visits. Also, 24/7 communication is available to answer questions and coordinate care. A registered nurse will come out weekly or as needed to monitor medication adherence, diet, blood sugar levels, skin assessment, safety, doctor visits, addiction/relapse/recovery support and more.

  • Caregiving Services – We offer live-in and out services to include meal preparation, bathing, shopping, transportation services, safety checks, assistance with activities of daily living, medication reminders and more.  All cases are monitored by a registered nurse.
  • This Comprehensive Monthly Plan-The most cost effective for clients who need supervision, nursing care, and support on a weekly basis. (*Includes 24 hour nurse hotline). We provide support and education for those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and those suffering from chemical addiction, relapse and mental health issues.

    **A Personalized Health Care Portfolio for all Clients and a complimentary consultation by a registered nurse for prospective clients. **  


Meet the Manager

Natalie Hanna is a Registered Nurse and co-director of Continued Care Nursing Services.  Natalie works with various health care professionals throughout the Coachella Valley and also teaches Advanced Cardiac Life support.  Natalie co-founded U Care, We Care Home Health Services located in Laguna Niguel, CA. and has had the opportunity to serve our aging Veteran population in the West Los Angeles area for the past 20 years. Natalie has also  served those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction while working  at the Betty Ford Center and to those with suffering from mental illness.  Continued Care Nursing Services has now taken a new role in health care, prevention and wellness in order to provide optimal care and prevent unnecessary injury, relapse or hospital admission. 

Continued Care Nursing Services partners with E-privacy to ensure all medical and health informations (HIPPA) All nurses are screened and have professional liability insurance.