Cancer Studies

James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. has conducted a number of studies on the use of both intravenous and oral Poly-MVA in his cancer patients. The Advanced Medicine and Research Foundation chose Dr. Forsythe, a board certified oncologist, to conduct the first major Poly-MVA clinical research project on cancer patients.

In one study, Dr. Forsythe gave 104 cancer patients the option to be included in one of three groups. The first group of patients chose to receive chemotherapy as their only form of treatment. The second group consisted of cancer patients who wanted to continue chemotherapy while also consuming Poly-MVA. The third group of subjects received only Poly-MVA.

Each of the patients participating in the study had stage 4 cancers, the most severe form of the disease. Most of the subjects had been told by their oncologist or their doctor that everything possible had been done and there was nothing more the doctors could do, other than allow the patients to continue chemotherapy if they chose to do so, and that they only had from a few days to a few months to live.

At the study’s end, 77 percent of the patients on Poly-MVA experienced an improvement in their blood work. Urine samples showed that cancer markers declined (in those cancers where cancer markers are available). In addition, 28 percent of the patients on Poly-MVA experienced a reversal of their cancers. Another 56 percent of Poly-MVA subjects had a 50 percent reversal of the tumor size.

In a second study, Dr. Forsythe investigated the use of Poly-MVA in 170 cancer patients, who experienced a 75 percent success rate after taking Poly-MVA. Dr. Forsythe conducted additional research on 70 cancer patients chosen from that original group of 170. In that subgroup, 28 percent of subjects experienced a complete reversal. In another 37 percent of Poly-MVA subjects, their disease stabilized, meaning the cancer stopped progressing. The remaining 35 percent showed a 50 percent or more reduction in their tumors and their overall disease.

The outcome of these two studies has prompted Dr. Forsythe to declare that in his entire medical career he has never encountered a product as effective as the Poly-MVA. It was found to be safe and effective, with no contraindications of any kind.

**For more information and to request for a brochure please contact Contunued Care Nursing Services

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